Daniel 6th century

The book of Daniel contains many detailed and specific predictive prophecies concerning the course of world history, and this has prompted many higher critical scholars to date Daniel to the second century B.C., during the Maccabean revolt against the Seleucid emperor Antiochus IV Epiphanes.
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Is the Bible Without Error? Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Christian Epistemology – Jonathan McLatchie | Writer, Speaker, Scholar

God appointed certain individuals — apostles and prophets — to whom he imparted special revelatory insights. He then entrusted those individuals to write down what God had made known to them in their own voice. That means that in principle the same concepts could have been expressed in completely different words and it would still carry the authority of being God’s Word. Thus, on my view, it is not the words of Scripture that are inspired but rather the meaning of Scripture. Of course, there are exceptions where the Scriptures were dictated by God (notably, the ten commandments and the “Thus sayeth the Lord” passages). Because of the nature of those passages, I would contend that those truly are inerrant in the strong sense.
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Pharisees in Galilee – Supposed Biblical Error #19 – YouTube

In the past, Robert Price has argued there were no Pharisees in Galilee prior to 70 AD, so the Bible must be in error when it says there were Pharisees that …
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there is circumstantial evidence they were

we know they existed in Jerusalem – it is plausible they ventured to Galilee. from gospels we know they had not much power in Galilee compared to Jerusalem – this corresponds with gospel narrative